Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary Justin

It's been 7 years and the entire 7 years has been sprinkled with comments of, "Man I REALLY want to go deep sea fishing!" Justin has never been. Dang, I've even been deep sea fishing (a long time ago) and I don't like to fish. When I heard about this fishing trip from my old family friend Jay I called Justin and told him to hop online and sign up to go. Subsequently I became "the best wife ever", that's right.

Justin, Tad (Jay's brother-in-law and my cousin's husband and I've known him since I was born) and Jay. Is it just me or does the short guy have the biggest fish?

They sliced and diced those things right there on... plastic patio tables? That had to smell.

They saw killer whales! In the Sea of Cortez! Not common. Justin's guide said he's NEVER seen them there before.

I assume this is the guide, but Justin caught this eel. It was thrown back, but an exciting catch.

And he caught this sand shark! I think these animals are attracted to him.

This big huge thing is a totuava. It's endangered and he had to let it go. Bummer.

He was gone about a week and had a blast. He'll definitely go again.


Bob & Khristie said...

Justin called Bob & was telling him all about his trip. Bob is sooooo jealous right now.
However, if you recall, Bob had his big Mexico adventure a few years back w/ the scouts & almost did't make it back to the US because the federalies happened to find a pocket knife in the Jeep.
Bob's not going to Mexico on a guys campout anytime soon. He & Justin can go to Alaska instead. =)

Tad and Jennifer said...

Yes, you are a pretty amazing wife!! I'm impressed you got these pictures up so fast. Tad said that it was a fun time even though he was dying in the heat and humidity. Fun memories for sure!