Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snorkeling in La Jolla

We have been talking about going snorkeling in La Jolla for a long time. And finally we did it! The weather was perfect yesterday too. Made us wonder why we don't live there.

Our new friends Jenna and Ben came with us. They were so much fun!

Jenna and I took the kids on a walk to see the seals and walked out on this wall thing. See what happened to this little family? That happened to us! Hysterical! Kennedy took off screaming and running for safety. Grayson about had a heart attack and I was laughing.

Here's the after pic of Kennedy. This face says it all. She was dry before I "made" her "go walk out on that thing".

The water was nice I'd say about 81*, but Justin swears it was 77*. Either way it was not necessary to wear a wet suit. And you wouldn't believe how close fish were to the shore! It was amazing. Justin touched a few of them. I just looked. We will definitly be going again.


M & M said...

How fun! LOVE Kennedy's expression, such a cutie!! Hope you guys have lots of fun up north if we don't see you before you leave!

Millers! said...

looks like a ton of fun.. Danny used to live in La Jolla, he loved it..