Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mammoth Excitment

On our camping trip to Mammoth some exciting things happened. Katelyn was driving while the tire blew out... that was fun. I must compliment her on letting off the gas and coasting to the side and out of traffic. Good job Katelyn.

Not so fun when you have to unload the back of the car, but we shoved and pushed until this bad boy came out. The CHP that pulled up to check on us... totally knew Justin! He offered to change the tire for us, except I had NO IDEA where the rest of the jack was and neither did he. Don't chippies know everything? All I could find was the jack stand but not the pumper thing and the screw-losener thing. Then I realized:
1. My car has never broken down
2. Because my car doesn't break down, I know nothing about it
3. I'm an idiot for never looking

Turns out the jack-pumper-thing is under the hood! Figured that out AFTER we waited for the insurance guy to come fix it. Dumb. Lame. Waste of 90 minutes.


The Pollock Family said...

I love how you are totally smiling in all the broke down car pictures. I would have been crying/screaming. :)

Jordan and Heidi said...

you need to remove that ugly loser!!!