Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ventura Beach

Justin & I planned to visit Ventura to see his sister Katelyn a few months ago and they closed the grapevine on us!!! The other day we decided to try again and it was a blast. The girls had never been to the beach and Justin was dying to get in the water. Me... I like to let the water heat up A LOT before getting in. Here's a picture of Justin and Katelyn preparing to go snorkeling... yes in the Pacific. Didn't see much, but had fun doin it.

Kennedy is a girl after my own heart. She wasn't so sure about the freezing cold water but loved holding the crabs her Grandma and Daddy found.

And our sweet little MacKenzie... she had fun watching it all. She even took a good nap:)

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The Adams Family said...

MacKenzie is soooo darling. She's grown so much!