Monday, December 25, 2006


So many Grandparents, Kennedy didn't know what to do with herself as she got to see all of her Grandparents in the same week. And what made it more exciting is they all came baring gifts!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Pollock cam Thursday and took us out to lunch at Las Palmas and it was tasty.

(L to R) Great Grandma Barbara, Grandma & Grandpa Heredia. Got to play with them at the Gage family reunion. They made sure Kennedy didn't run out the door!

Great Grandpa Ben, cousin Elle and MacKenzie. One lucky grandpa with soo many beautiful babies!

Grandpa & Grandma Phillips with sour faced Kennedy. She was even worse when they left. She thought she was going home with them and was pretty upset when she realized they were leaving without her.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa Claus

Well at least Santa Claus was looking. These are 2 of Kennedy's friends Taylor and Justin Snow. They live close to us and we love to play together. Sometimes when we drive down the street Kennedy will just blurt out, "Justin and Taylor!!!" as we go by their house. Smart girl. Anyway we went to see Santa Claus at the mall and all the kids we worried about was how to open their candy canes! And Kennedy thought she was sitting next to Jesus as all men with beards are "Jesus".

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kaweah Oaks

Justin took us to a fun hidden preserve here in Visalia that has California natural habitat. There was a trail we took the girls on and they loved it. Kennedy was having a great time picking up leaves and playing in the dirt. Here we are in front of one of the many oak and sycamore trees.

Justin had fun with this one and even got Kennedy to jump off (okay slide off) to him. She was a little nervous being up in the tree.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

How to hug a porcupine

I'm reading this book loaned to me by my friend Sue called, "How to Hug a Porcupine" by Dr. John Lewis Lund. It is soooo good! He describes so much about relationships and how we can treat each other (spouses, kids, friends..). He has a challenge to go an entire month without criticising anyone! If you mess up you have to start the clock all over again. I want to try it, but I'm afraid because I know it will be a challenge and then I think, "man, I must criticise a lot... how sad". SO the challenge is on. In the words of the author, "If criticism worked we would have changed the world long ago." I've got nothing to lose!

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's Christmas Time!

So I have been home the last few days batteling strep throat and pink eye. No fun at all, but it has been nice to get sleep. Kennedy has been at my dad and Pennie's since Friday and Saturdy morning Mom and Manuel let me hang around their house and made a way fancier breakfast than I would have made. I am so grateful for my parents and all they do for me and my family!

This is a weird picture, but it's the only one that turned out half way decent at the big Christmas parade! It was started at 7pm which is Kennedy's bedtime so she was wondering what we were doing in the car with our friends the Snow's. We had a great time watching the floats, bands and dancers. We saw lots of snowmen and tons of lights.

The next morning Kennedy learned how yummy hot chocolate is... and made a mess.

Thanks to Cami and my mom we just inherited some totally fun Christmas decorations! Here are some Santas and our stockings that Justin doesn't like. I guess it's okay that they didn't turn out super great so we'll be making more in the years to come.

This is a first! Little Christmas mouse! So cute from my friend Cami who is totally on top of celebrating this year. This came with lots of chocolate pretzels and fudge, yummy yummy. Posted by Picasa