Friday, November 20, 2015

Kneel to pray and outwardly show devotion

I read from the Book of Mormon this week about Enos and his struggle to be cleansed from sin.  It seems we could all relate to his desire to feel free from the filth and poor choses we make from time to time.  As Enos shares his experience he sets a great example I would like to follow with my family.

Enos mentions his father's words on eternal life and joy which lead him to kneel down and cry unto the Lord in prayer... for an entire day.  The important part for me is where he kneels.  "Well that's not a big deal," you may think, but to me it is HUGE.

In the morning when I rise, refreshed from the quiet night, it is easier to pray kneeling.  If I find myself with no distractions, it'll happen.  As the day wears on I find silent prayers, more like open thoughts, straight to my Heavenly Father about trivial things.  When night rolls around, everyone is tired and  whining... that's when I just want the day to be over.  I want family prayers to be quick and painless and for the party to move on to sleeping.  

For years we have said family prayers casually and in whatever place we were whether it be sitting, laying down, outside and (insert gasping) not ready at all to pray.  It didn't really matter to me as I wanted to mark "family prayer" off my check list for the day.  A few months ago a 16 year old girl stood up in sacrament meeting and talked about the importance to kneel while praying.  My husband and I both agreed that was definitely an area we needed to improve on as a family, so we set a goal and went on with it.

Every night, it is a struggle to kneel down!  I do not understand why it seems like a hurdle to get down on the floor, but it is and the whole time I'm in the process of kneeling I say to myself, "whatever, the Lord hears you even if you don't kneel".  While this thinking is true, it brings with it an attitude of indifference and lack of devotion.  

Now compare this to Enos' example of prayer.  He uses the words:

pour out my whole soul
labored with all diligence

And after all Enos' effort was given to the Lord in prayer he says, "my guilt was swept away... and my faith began to be unshaken".  Enos goes through all this, and I struggle to kneel?  REALLY?!  

My goal for the rest of my life is to have prayers be constantly on my knees.  To plead with the Lord on my knees for things I "cannot do in [my] own strength alone" as Elder Bednar put it.  

*Here's a sweet little video of Kimber enjoying Elder Bednar's words and counsel on prayer.  

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