Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are moving up north, WAY north.  Like if we could get into Oregon we would, but something about Justin working for California...  Anyway we've had our transfer request in for a while (a year) and it went through!  We are so happy and shocked, but mostly happy.

Oh the joy, and the rain.  I'm pretty sure it's wet up there, we'll find out soon enough.  Justin can't wait for the first hunting season and Kennedy is determined shoot her own deer.  I'm ready to have neighbors who live far enough away that I don't hear their tv at night.  Watch now we'll only find apartments for rent, HA!

We're visiting up there next week and we might just see this guy on our way up.  Stole this pic from google.  This will be such the opposite moving from the hot desert!


Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Congratulations you guys! North Cali is Dan and I's old stomping grounds. Although not that far north (Chico and Orland). Anyway, we love NorCal and hope to one day move up that way again. I think one of Dan's best friends from highschool lives near the Oregon border. Yreka I think. It would be funny if you guys were in the same ward as they are.

Tad and Jennifer said...

Congratulations I guess. I thought you were going to be closer to me though!! Good luck up north and I hope you guys LOVE it!!!