Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We've got an impromtu vacation goin on this week

It's birthday week around here. My plan for Kennedy's birthday was to go to Sea World on Wednesday... but when I filled up the car on Friday afternoon I immediately wanted to go somewhere. We took off to Fresno to visit all our grandparents there. My mom and Manuel took the 3 big kids to the "sweep mop" and zoo Saturday. My dad and Pennie celebrated Sunday afternoon with lots of food movies. And who wants to drive home late at night? Not me. And since the kids were going to be absent and miss one day, I might as well miss 5 days and call it independent study right? So we had to swing by Taft (because it's on the way home?) and complete the grandparent tour. The kids are having a blast. Kennedy couldn't be happier on her 7 years old birthday and Grayson wants to make sure he's staying away from home for at least 10 days!

I've got no pictures from Fresno, but she's had candles on her birthday cup cakes, a birthday cheese cake and tonight it sounds like she and Justin are getting combined birthday brownies. What a lucky girl. Thanks to all our grandma and grandpa's for making this trip fantastic!

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Look at how happy they are!!