Monday, October 24, 2011

Our 3,000 mile roadtrip

Here's a few pics:

Parker and Hunter (my brother's first little baby) in Modesto.

My Grandpa Ben up in Bellingham, WA

The Border. Justin and I will always think of this video.

Maybe those ears are from the Gage side?

Seattle with Justin's old mission companion Adam.

Riding horses in Spokane.

Grayson LOVED riding. He would've stayed all day.

There's a large gap of pics untaken. Like I never take any when I visit my sister Khristie. What's with that? But I didn't forget at Temple Square.

Such a great trip! I think we've got 4 mini travelers in the making. The kids loved everywhere we went and seeing all their family and friends they didn't know they had.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Somebody either got a fancy camera or has some amazing editing skills. Sigh.

That family photo should be your Christmas card.

Swinky Binky said...

I'm sorry but were you at the Peace Arch crossing???cuz I live like 1 hr away, my parents are only 1/2 and hr from there!!!! You should have told me I would have totally driven there and crashed your family party for a quick visit!! Oh well maybe next time! You gonna be at the reunion?