Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mail box face lift

It looked like this:

And now... doesn't it make you smile? If not the mail box the couple of flamingos eating our lawn will.

While painting my neighbor came over and couldn't understand why any one would pick such a bright color. Heh, heh.

And the kids helped paint the post, can you tell? Nothing can make the horrible sidewalk look worse than it already is. Even those sweet dribbles of paint.

And I can't believe Grayson has no "painting" clothes. But, 3 years old and not a drop of paint on him! Way to go mama's boy! (although if that were true he would've sat on a paint can lid or something. His cleanliness comes from his father for sure.)


K&MSilva said...

I think the color looks great & just for that comment, you should paint your neighbors box an even brighter color! Maybe an '80s hot pink?

Millers! said...

thats awesome, glad you came up with a fix for those flamingos!