Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby names, can't ever find one.

Girls are always so hard for me, but I couldn't stop laughing at this one:
Lakinzi. I guess it's not as bad as Kermilda. I haven't found a girl name I like yet.

The favorite boy names so far are Parker and Morgan.
Even if Morgan is also considered a girl name.


Bob & Khristie said...

Weren't you going with "Sha'niqua"?

3girlsmom said...

you should do some ghetto mash-up of your names. like j-liz or j'lizle.

K&MSilva said...

I like Brick!

luechesie said...

you could call her La-ia, pronounced la-DASH-ee-uh. Man, that'd be awesome.

I'll post a list of names for you soon, if you want.

Small Fry said...

I like cities like London, or Bristol.