Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The wall- that huge one with the retarded canvas painting above the piano

I took it down. I've been looking for replacements for a long time, but nothing. After my trip to Texas I began thinking about this and this.

I laid out my stuff. Once on the table I realized it needed a little Christmasication, hence the snowflake art. Funny how after taking the picture I could see it a little more objectively also.

And I threw it up on the wall. This wall is SO high.

Should I keep the pics going straight up to the top? And what color should I paint my $2 yard sale lamp? I have another matching that will probably take Santa's spot later.

And then that leads me to the curtains, now that I'm all sewing machined up I'm wanting to make some new ones. And slip covers for the chairs AND want to paint the walls again. I think the pregnancy is kicking in.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Mustard yellow.

(maybe because that's what I'm doing to my sad looking ones)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Now I can see the slant. Scratch what I told you - your windows are too high.

(You should put a plastic reindeer in the fish tank and see if Kennedy notices. I have no idea why I just thought that.)

Bob & Khristie said...

I love it!

Swinky Binky said...

looks awesome!! keeps going up and out!!! You need some really BIG pics too like a giahnt fam pic or some 10x13 or bigger ones of kids and such to mingle with the smaller ones. The size of the wall could handle that

Pamela said...

Ditto to Georgia's ideas of big pics. It looks great!

p.s. - is the last sentence an announcement or did I miss a memo?