Sunday, October 03, 2010

What the kids do while I watch conference

First of all let me just say conference was totally inspired! I even prayed to feel the Spirit, and would you guess what happened?! I found my camera charger! Been looking for it for months. (Okay fine, I blamed Katelyn for stealing it. Same thing.)

Kennedy found the stapler.

MacKenzie jumped into all the markers, half of which I just realized are permanent. Oops.

I'm pretty sure that's the 3rd outfit Grayson's had on today.

Stuffed animal arrangements.

And a monkey. However if you're looking at the markings all over the beds, that was done a long time ago. Don't you remember drawing your name everywhere? And then insisting your 2 year old brother (who can't write) did it. Although pictured here really does look like Grayson's art. He can go to town with the scribbles complete with a sticker.

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