Friday, May 14, 2010

My Visalia dr. came through for me!

For some reason after my long wait to see the dr., the idea that he casually said I "had" to have a D&C just didn't set well. I'm pretty sure the Lord set our bodies up a little better than, "oh you miscarried at 7 weeks we HAVE to do surgery or you'll die!" If that were the case Adam and Eve would've had some serious problems. Now I'm not downing the medical field, I know I love my epidurals, but I am saying there are some scissor happy dr.s out there. I think mine is one of them.

So I decided to get a second opinion on this D&C business. I called my Visalia dr to see what they thought and after a huge hassle (from the Victorville end) Visalia got my lab results for me. And I was just informed there is NO REASON for me to have a D&C at all! Not only that, but my levels are so low I'm not even reading pregnant any more. Yes.

The moral: If you live in Visalia go to Dr. Wiseman for OB stuff. He's amazing and so is his full time nurse! If you live in Victorville, do NOT go to Dr. Moneke.


Silva Family said...

See, this is why we're in the economic problems we're in. Partly due to unnecessary medical procedures I'm sure. At least you got some wonderful news & glad you shared. In the unfortunate case this happens to someone else, hopefully it can help them.

Unknown said...

That's good news! I thought that whole d&c think was weird. So glad you thought to get a second opinion.

kelly said...

Good deal. A second opinion is never a bad idea, especially if it makes life easier!