Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beer rocks

I have always LOVED beer rocks so I googled the recipe and... it turned out SO good and EASY!!! Here's how ya do it.

Brown ground beef adding pepper seasoning
Chop up onions, carrots and cabbage and fry in butter
Add them together in the same pot

Roll out your dough (making a huge mess)
dump in the meat
wrap it up
bake @ 450* for 15-20 minutes

Okay this was my first and I wasn't quite sure how to make it a circle so I thought calzone? But then I did the circles with the rest and it worked perfect. I can't tell you how good these were! My double batch of dough and 2lbs of meat made 10 HUGE beer rocks. Towards the end I threw in some pepper jack cheese with the meat.

I am still on fire that I tried this new recipe and it tasted EXACTLY how I remember them tasting from the store in Fresno. Yum. Try it!

Best pizza dough recipe (single batch)
2 cups warm water
1 T yeast
3 T brown sugar
4-5 cups flour
let rise one hour (45 min... 30 min? depends on how patient I am)


Kiley said...

Yummy, I will definitely try it!

Robin said...

I had to make these after reading your post. I love your pizza dough recipe-it will be much used. The Beer Rocks were a little bland, but BBQ sauce dipper or a little dijon mustard did the trick. I'm laughing as I type that because we sucked these down like it was our last supper!

I wandered over from Lesa Miller's Blog.

(Pennie's sister)

April Cavanaugh said...

I was inspired by your post and made beer rocks myself...picked up some dough from papa murphy's pizza for three dollars and made a quick supper. We added sharp cheddar to ours, but I like the thought of using pepper jack, too. Yummy!