Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mom's clown name is Lavendar

Grayson doesn't have a "clown name", but he's learned how to paint his face all by himself.

And I tried to make this stupid wreath... it didn't hang like the thrifty girl's. I'm not so proud of it, but it took some time to go get everything so they're stayin' put for a few more days unless I can figure out some awesome ribbon situation.

But this picture looks goofy to me, but I tried the same idea on this frame and I really liked it. It was black. Sprayed it ivory and glued the rest of my lima beans on there. Not too bad.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What chu talkin bout Willis? All you need is some awesome ribbon and it'll be perfect. I've got all my stuff to make one, but have been busy on another project. Which, sad to say, isn't laundry.

Like the frame too. And it can double as a snack for your clown.

kelly said...

Very cute frame. Ha, my word verification is peemeat!