Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Organizing that beast of a master closet under the direction of my mother.

For my Happy Birthday (coming soon in Jan) my mom came home with me from Christmas and showed me how to get things done in the closet. She paid for California Closets a LONG time ago and after one closet she said, "That's it! I can do THAT myself". And she did.

However... I had no clue, until now. It was so not hard to do and with Kennedy's help (ha) we were done in no time. It was an all day project, but we got it done in one day! (Okay we got it done in one day because Justin had MacKenzie and Grayson outta the house). Thanks Mom! I love my new closet.

And now I'm ready to rip out the rest of the closets in the house!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it an upgrade when you get a bigger clock?

The clock I had before stopped working a few months after buying it (stupid piece of junk). I went to get another clock motor thing except... it wouldn't fit! I was about to get one from Costco when I found this sweet deal @ Home Goods. It's huge. And now it's screaming for a new friend of a mantel. But for now it will have to make due w/ the reindeer and snowmen.

And not to let Rebecca take the show with her display of Christmas presents. I already had this pile started. It's just as cute as yours no? And just as spectacular!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flashback Wednesday was nicer than "Old chubby pictures w/ bad hair"

I mean this is blow up and put it on the wall worthy. Looking at all the birth pictures it is finally starting to feel like a LONG time ago.

What a cute little girl she is/was!

Remember this? I notice Rebecca conspicuously hiding in the back with orange hair? Maybe it's just the lighting. And how old is Justin? 14, maybe 15?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

hunting chucker

Justin's been hunting 3 times now and finally.... he got something! He was so excited.

They're kind of cute too. These little guys are called chucker. For those of you who already knew that we must not know each other very well. I'll let you know what they taste like later.