Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it an upgrade when you get a bigger clock?

The clock I had before stopped working a few months after buying it (stupid piece of junk). I went to get another clock motor thing except... it wouldn't fit! I was about to get one from Costco when I found this sweet deal @ Home Goods. It's huge. And now it's screaming for a new friend of a mantel. But for now it will have to make due w/ the reindeer and snowmen.

And not to let Rebecca take the show with her display of Christmas presents. I already had this pile started. It's just as cute as yours no? And just as spectacular!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I love the paper reindeer! And it looks like the garland is buying you some time before you get to obsess over the mantel.

Millers! said...

hahaaa.. those presents are awesome!
Cool clock though!

The Earl Family said...

Ha Ha! Love putting the presents out of reach! Laura just unwrapped a present for Joel and I had to grab it and stick it in a blanket and yell at Joel, "Don't watch what I'm doing!"