Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Khristie is my twin separated at birth, she being just a few (18) months older. We spend a lot of time together on the phone now that she moved to Idaho. Not the same as being right there, but it’ll have to do. My usual hour of calling is about 10pm our time which is 11pm her time... she still answers the phone:)

Speaking of answering the phone, if you ever call her house just keep talking to the answering machine for a few minutes. At some point she'll find the phone and answer the call. Unless there's no battery power... then you're out of luck!

Growing up, Khristie and I watched LOTS of movies together. We can spend an entire afternoon quoting movie lines, laughing hysterically, while others have no clue what just happened. For example:

“’Long ago the delicate tangles of his hair felt the emptiness of my hand.’ Would ja like to hear it again?”

I mean that’s funny and I’d like to know if anyone out there knows what movie that’s from. Currently we've watched:
First 3 seasons of The Office
Becoming Jane

Another favorite past time is playing duets on the piano, one piano, four hands… and a little spunk. It may not have been entertaining to the extended family during “talent show” portions at the Christmas reunions, but we love it.

This is Khristie with MacKenzie if you can believe that!


Rebecca said...

C'mon now! Classic Joe vs the Volcano, right? :)

Ben said...

ya... totally know that one... but its different since iv heard it MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

Millers! said...

haha, never have seen Joe Vs the Volcano!!!! I am up and running again lots of updates! well sort of, its not like I havent talked to you or anything! LOL