Sunday, May 20, 2007

Staying @ home...

When we're at home we find all kinds of things to get into. MacKenzie is now slithering around and Kennedy is potty trained. This means I let Kennedy stay in the bathroom for long periods of time as she likes to have the door shut when she's going #2. Sometimes she likes to get into other things when she's finished. The other day she climbed on the counter and took a bath in soap. If it's not soap it's toothpaste.

We found a cute little rocker unfinished for $15!!! had to get it!

Pool time after Aunt Heidi's dental hygiene graduation. Good job Heidi. Kenney liked being on the floaty and macKenzie liked just being in the water with Uncle Jordan.

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Lesa said...

pics are too cute, the girls are getting so big, I cant wait to come down and see you all... the kids will have so much fun together!