Wednesday, April 10, 2013

kids bathroom

This one should have been seen in person as the photos cannot capture the beauty of 1983 wallpaper, olive green shower/toilet/sink, plastic baseboards and honey oak trim throughout.  It was pretty awesome.  The medicine cabinet mirror/storage had it's own glory too.  I knew it'd be a big project to help this bathroom so I waited a good 2 weeks before going for it.

I really wanted to replace this thing... but it was hiding a HUGE HOLE in the wall.
(I think my mom had this wallpaper in her bedroom)

I got the paper down in minutes with no scraping!  It fell right off the wall, but then I had to fix the wall itself.  You can't paint over sheet rock and enjoy it, dang!  So I used my big tile grout sponge thingy, smooshed plaster stuff on the wall and gently smoothed over with my scraper.  It actually turned out pretty good and wasn't "so hard to do" like my husband told me over the phone.  (He was like, "you can't texture the wall, you have to rent a machine...." blah, blah, blah.  something about the "right way" and I was like, "this house was made of straw, renting the machine would cost more than they spent building it".)

I even moved the toilet to get it all out.  I didn't realize the 80's was an update.

A month later:

It's not the best job ever, but I like it a LOT better.  Plain and boring, but no wallpaper, yay!


Some houses are made with wood.  Some from plastic... we live in plastic.  Even though this is not "my" house, I see its walls everyday and they need a lot of help.  Here was my first project:
The master closet bath

I even painted that ceiling, and I don't paint up there normally.  It was necessary.  
The owner about pooped his pants when I sent him the after pic, like I'm all fancy.  
It's still ghetto, but I have a place for the toilet paper.