Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday MacKenzie!

Here's our birthday girl! We can't believe how fast she has grown. Some of the things MacKenzie can do are pull herself up to the buttons on the tv and turn it on and off and change the channel. She can climb up on the end tables to get the phone and push buttons. Then she can be found trying to talk on the phone and saying, "hi". She has a few words... hi, baby, hi baby, no, mama, dah dah, uh-oh and it sounds like she says Lucy (the dog) and Kennedy but they are not clear. She is still a very happy baby and loves her family and we love her.

Other exciting news we found out today... we're having a BOY!!! He's due Halloween which with me means a few days later. Yay for our 2 girls getting to have a little brother.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bye Bye Daddy

Justin is off to the CHP Academy in Sacramento so here's a quick family shot.

A little advise from the siblings on how to use the ipod for his 4-5 hour drive. Good luck with the electronics Justin :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Oil Museum

We went to the Oil museum this week trying to get some culture into our lives and expose the kids to it as well. My grandma would be very pleased. We live in the middle of oil country and there were lots of displays of OLD trucks and pumps they used. It was fun, but it's getting pretty hot outside too. Great for swimming, not for walking around outside at a museum.

Here were are in front of an old oil truck.

Kennedy by the pump.

Busy Day

Last week MacKenzie and I went to pick up Bruce, Kathy, Jordan and Heidi from their trip to Europe while Justin went to his brother Jacob's graduation. It was a busy day for everyone. Kathy found LOTS of cute things the grandkids "needed", but cutest of all are these gold ballet slippers! Kennedy already was unloading the suitcases of clothes and found the socks or leggings i guess and then put the slippers on over them and I couldn't stop laughing at how funny she is.

Here's a picture with the CSU Bakersfield grad! He the first on Justin's side to complete his bachelors and finished with an accounting degree. Now he gets to find a real job. Good job Jacob!

Friday, June 08, 2007

MacKenzie's Pony Tail

Here's our cute little baby that's turning one at the end of the month. Her hair is just long enough to make this goofy looking pony tail:) She's growing so fast!

This is the "I'm getting mad" look. There's a whine that goes with it and lucky for you you can't hear it on the picture, but it is funny.