Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yay for school!

The girls were SO excited. While Kennedy threw on her new favorite t-shirt, MacKenzie was busy accessorizing. Gotta wear earrings and a necklace with that jeweled backpack.

The necklace and another foofy skirt made it to day 2 of kindergarten also.

And I had to throw in this pic of Parker. He's starting to eat food and nothing tastes better than a fudgesicle. Ask Parker. Couldn't eat that thing fast enough!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My first craft idea that didn't fail

And who doesn't like peacocks?! We also made clip on earrings, meaning we glued craft rhinestones on the clip on things.

And we weren't even late for church.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 8 years of marital bliss!

I keep forgetting it's our anniversary today. I'm glad you put this on FB Rebecca, because I have zero digital wedding pics. What a good looking bunch we are!

To celebrate, Justin worked and I somewhat cleaned the garage. But I'd like to think I bought him a 3/4 ton hunka love.

Is it selfish to NOT share your car with your husband? He kept putting his smelly dogs in my car to go hunting. Then he'd bring it back empty and filthy. When he found this red thing I said yes please! I'm pretty sure I'm the best wife ever... again.

Last time I won the title of "best wife", I got a trip to visit my sister for a week by myself. This time I was told I can go anywhere I want. We'll see. Either way, Parker takes a bottle.

Bedazzled Backpack

Grandma Pennie took MacKenzie for a day to help get her ready for kindergarten. They went out to lunch, shopping and got their nails done. You know, the important stuff. MacKenzie was ready to move to Fresno after such a fun "best day of my life". She even got a sparkle pink back pack! We thought it might need a little some'n special...

And a little bedazzle never hurt anyone. That thing is screamin' MacKenzie now. Watch out kindergarten!

She and I talked about Grandma Pennie while we were there. I told her when Grandma goes to work she's the boss and everyone has to listen to her. MacKenzie responded, "Well when I go to school, I'm gonna be the boss of ALL the other kids."

You do that sister. Can't wait.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Made for Kennedy

I saw dalmation fabric at Hobby Lobby a few months ago while in Henderson, NV. I thought, "What would I use that for?" While visiting Visalia Hobby Lobby... I HAD to buy it. So I did. Then I found this pattern here and I knew where I was using it.

All of a sudden my daughter who hates skirts won't take this one off!
1. Her mama made it
2. It's animal print

Friday, August 05, 2011

On the way home from camping...

I opened a new can of formula.
Just so you know, don't open formula after traveling up 9,000 feet and back.
It might blow up in your face, oh wait... it did.

Justin about peed his pants.