Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy in the Bathroom

Alright here's phase 2 completed kind of on the kids bath room. We haven't even sealed the grout yet, but it looks so good already! Here's a before. What you see is linoleum floors (which were coming up) and a fiber glass tub and insert. Not the worst bath I've ever seen... not the greatest either.

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Then we ripped it out. But that new cast iron bathtub... didn't want to fit.
Notice that yellow tape measure the kids destroyed in the process:)

To get the tub to fit there was a little plumbing situation. So Justin chopped it off. Well welding it back together was another story:) Let's just say on the other side of that torch is my hallway. Though hot to touch on the other side, it didn't totally get burnt.

But look at Justin's and his buddies Ed & Scott handy work with the tile!! He moved the shower head up about 16" so it doesn't ever hit someone "on their collar bones instead of their head like it should".

If you look close click on the pic, you'll notice there are no shelves... don't worry we are getting one of those glass ones that you stick on the tile. My in-laws have one in their master shower, LOVE it! You can actually fit ALL your shampoo, soap, razor and whatever else on the shelf because it's W-I-D-E and deep.

The rest of my plans include:
1. painting the rest of the walls where that mirror came off.
2. Black cabinets
3. I found granite counter tops for cheap!
4. New baseboards
5. Cutting and framing the mirror that was on there.
6. and... Dad and Pennie didn't you offer your services? I'm thinkin' 3 can lights. One over the shower itself and one of over each sink. I think that'll look nice!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's one big family

Justin's Aunt Claudia died last week. What do you say about something like that? Nothing... I can't think of anything but her big smile and the sound of her laughing. Anyway we all went to Arizona for the funeral (which as her husband Clay put it "was the Pollock RIP" show). Bruce shared some thoughts about Claudia and her life and it was perfect! Made you cry and made you laugh and think of the fun woman she was. Jared and Katelyn sang beautifully and I... tried not to screw up the pedals on the organ playing. The chapel was packed with a good 200 people to honor her! What a day and here's a little pic of the relatives on both Clay and Claudia's side. Note Kennedy's funny face from behind the blond (Sierra) on the far left.

We love you Clay! We had so much fun playing at the ranch. Thank you and good luck!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hangin out with the Ladies

Saturday was Girls Camp Certification day and Grayson got to go with me.
Now the last time I went to one if these I think I was 12 or 13 years old, so I really had no idea what was going on. But Grayson had a blast!

But too much fun got him stuck in one of the leaders car... I think he was just excited to have his mama all to himself and to get rid of those sisters for the weekend. They went to AZ with Mom and Manuel to Julia's house.

Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Bucks

I haven't seen this movie in a LONG time! And it was $5 @ Target today, so I bought it. My favorite scene...

Weeza (Wezzer? What's her name?) in the salon in her overalls after gardening her tomatoes.

And the dog with its hair falling out.

The older lady dancing at the reception, was it "2 pigs in a blanket"?

Oh it's been too long.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playin' Paint Swatches

I came into the living room to see these 2 hard at work! They were so cute playing the piano together. Note the "music". They can't just play there's always some music up there. Grayson... how is it you can climb on the piano bench, but you can't walk? Come on little buddy!

I think they'll be ready for some serious duets in a little while.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just Ridin' Along

On my way home from physical therapy I saw this.  My first thought was, "man I've got to put that on the blog... to bad I forgot my camera."  And then a little shuffle through the junk compartment in the car I found my old camera, YES!  

I mean, what is this?  And why did I feel like I had to be inconspicuous while taking this pic?  I almost honked and waved, but with no kids in the car that might have been a little lame.  It's like when you're driving along with just you and your husband and exclaim, "MOO!!  Look at the cows!"  Only to realize your husband is perfectly capable of spotting the cows on his own and knows what sound they make.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our stake conference was in Justin's patrol area on Sunday. You know what that means... he got to be with us at church for a good 25 minutes! Big deal. Really big deal. What was even cooler? He was in uniform complete with radios, guns and a taser. The girls kept saying to their friends, "Daddy has guns to shoot the bad guys". And today Justin recieved a portrait from Truman (a boy in our ward that apparently LOVES to watch COPS). How cute is this?

Note the gun (black) AND the taser (bright yellow) both accurate. Thanks Truman. Justin LOVED it!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Our family @ Lowe's

We're ripping out the kids bathroom and of course by "we" I mean I'm watching Justin rip out the bath tub and insert. I love watching the yuck go out! Today we went to Lowe's to pick out a real tub (not that fiberglass nasty), some tile and new water fixture things for the shower and tub. I decided to bring the camera along to document what it's like to go to a home improvement store with our children.

Staying in the cart when there's so much to touch (I mean lick) is definitely not an option.

Don't they call these didgeridoos? The kids love to be multicultural when given the chance.

Grayson in all his tear streaked face, he's such a momma's boy. We did make it out fairly quickly considering the platform cart AND regular shopping carts were full to the max (and HEAVY). Picked out the tile and decorative tile and faucets... not bad. Hopefully we'll have it all in the grouted sometime this month.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Best Friends

This is one of Kennedy's best friends in the world, Ira. They LOVE to play together and have done so for over a year now. He is full of exciting ideas and brings much needed variety to Kennedy's world of pretend.

We were visiting earlier this week when somehow a sleepover came up. Kennedy hasn't been taken away by Uncle Jordan and Aunt Heidi in a while so she's well overdue for a sleepover. Ira's mom and I discussed it and decided it was a win, win, win for all of us.

I found out today that she, Ira and his little sister Emma ALL slept together on the top bunk bed. Live it up Kennedy, the sleepovers will NOT last forever! But for now, aren't they so cute. Even if I did have to bribe Ira with some cookies and a magic wand to take this pic.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, but..

Remember when we were little and we'd have the "yeahbut's"? That's what I have been saying for a few weeks now, "yeah, but can any of these people sing?" I have to admit Lil Rounds can sing, but I DO NOT like the songs she picks. As for the rest they're okay, but last season I had so many favorites I couldn't decide. This year I can't even vote!! I don't love any of them. How sad! American Idol is lettin' me down this year.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

24" of pure love

Well at least 24" I love to look at more than my old laptop (which was awesome and has served its time, but now it's time for a little something new). Thanks Jared! He hooked us up with an AMAZING deal on our new imac and I am now eating my words which were, "we are never getting a Mac. Ne-ver!" Never say never.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Concentration camp

So MacKenzie cut her bangs! Thanks for jinxing it Kami. I had cut Grayson's hair and failed to put the clippers and "special hair cutting scissors" away. MacKenzie got a hold of those and wacked away. So I cut some bangs a little bit longer and now she has the chewed-off bangs look. I'm reading a book about the holicost and the first description I thought of was, "oh she's a little Jewish girl just out of concentration camp". Could've been worse and this picture isn't half bad either.